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The W.O.B.D.A. membership is made up of the group , the academy,the association, teachers, students, professional and amateur performers, musicians, and audience members. There are no pre-requisites as to dance ability or level of experience needed to become a member. more
Welcome to WOBDA
Belly Dance is an empowering art form that is sometimes misunderstood or simply does not get exposure in many
parts of the world. With W.O.B.D.A. we can change that! As people become more educated and aware of Belly Dance then will appreciate and love this beautiful dance. People who Belly Dance often testify to the incredible benefits it brings ~ Grace, , flexibility, awareness of body, strength, stamina, confidence and its a lot of fun! Join us to promote Belly Dance around the world! We are looking for volunteers in the world.

2017 World Belly Dance Championships

The 15th world Belly Dance Championships are officially starting at the grassland International Dance Carnival on July 30,2017!
Yang Liping. Chen Ailian. Zhang Aoyue and many other famous dance stars are waiting for you in? Erdos!The whole world is watching you!
Fighting on grassland? Dominating the world? Famous for your dancing
If you're a top dancer, then you need a platform for international platform such as world Belly Dance Championships to become more famous!
If you have a belly dance training agency, you need to use the world's most famous dance Carnival for holding a press conference in Erdos, causing a sensation!
 If you are a regional belly dance industry leader! We sincerely invite you as the designated authority institutions, led groups to grassland as the judge of the world Belly Dance! Championships and the red carpet guests at the grassland International Dance Festival!
The power of dance is all opened, attracts everybody at grassland Carnival
A grand opening and closing ceremony & awards party with unique dancing features !
More than 15 independent brand dance competitions / shows!
More than 20 Dance Industry Summit / forum / Star interactive performance / T show!
More than 80 brands of International Dance Industry Expositions!
More than 100 top master classes at home and abroad!
Grassland dance street theme activities, bonfire parties!
Characteristic tourism with super high performance price ratio & Dance Art Summer Camp!
Don't hesitate to contact us:01087755759
WeChat and mobile phone number is the same:13651349987
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World Belly Dance Association